Saturday, September 12, 2015

Benefit ride

Fantastic ride today. The weather was perfect; upper 60's and partly cloudy.

This was the ride put on by my son's employer, Rod's Ride-On PowerSports
in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

Rod ( The owner) and his family

Parking lot was full! Great turnout!

Hansen's Hold-Up Grill and Bar, our first stop

I have no idea....

Looks like he's, well.....but he wasn't.

The "attractions" along the road...

They saw that I was a photographer and asked that I take the shot. Sure!!!

I was beginning to wonder....

This had automatic landing gear!!!

I just don't know....   Bruce works with my son at Rod's. 

Well, I wasn't in any of the pictures but my 'Strom is!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

HOT day in the saddle!

Boy, it must be hot today!!!!! OUt for a spin on the V-Strom and found this:

This poor "little" fella just couldn't take it I guess....

She's improving

Scarlett is slowly improving, now off of all IV's.
Thanks so much all for donating!!!

My son and his daughter (and son)

Scarlet on a CPAP machine, one step better than an ventilator!

Friday, August 14, 2015


My son and his wife have a new daughter with serious health problems.
Even if you don't ride, registering would help them.
Jon works at Rod's as a service writer and has gone on many
bike trips with me. He currently rides a Kawasaki ZZR-1200.