Friday, July 29, 2011

Cut the cord

We've "cut the cord" in our household. We've had DirecTV for several
years; loved it, great picture, great DVR; and "great" (huge) price. We
were paying over $100 a month for it.

So, thought we'd try an experiment. For the last month we've been watching
only what's available on local off-air channels and the internet. We've been
able to see everything we wanted from those sources.

So...                                                        Roku box!

Works well for us so far. It's a tiny box that connects to the TV and internet.
I can watch Netflix, Hulu, and several other programming sources with it, even
with a crappy 1 meg internet connection. Looks great even on a 50 inch screen.
Instead of $100+ a month, it's now $16 a month (Netflix and Hulu subscriptions)

Gives me a lot more time for real life stuff like motorcycle riding and spiritual reading
since I tend to watch much less TV instead of sitting down in front of the "tube"
and flipping channels desperately looking for something, anything, that will entertain me.

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