Saturday, July 16, 2011

Headed for home tomorrow

I'll be headed southeast tomorrow, for Edmonton.
Going to visit my sister-in-law and another friend
on the way home. I've made my primary goal of
getting to Hyder and decided that because of
unbelievable gas prices ($5.38 / gallon!!) that
It's time to start the journey home.

Another reason is that the only way I'll get to Catholic
Mass tomorrow is to go to New Hazelton at 11am.
If I leave at 6am that should be about right.
On a sad note, my sister passed away yesterday.
She'd been fighting pancreatic cancer for years and
finally "went home". Good for her! Sounds strange
doesn't it? But I believe that death is not the end,
it's our final greatly hoped for goal in life. She's free
of all the crap that life dished out to her. Good for you!!

Now if Captain Kirk could just transport me to the funeral...
I'm 6 days from home, won't make it. Ah well...


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