Saturday, July 16, 2011

More of Hyder area

A few more pictures from the area...

On the road in to Stewart (Hwy 37a)

Downtown Hyder:

I like the sign!

You wonder why they even have a border station here.
You can go anywhere, all roads in Hyder are dead ended.
The US side doesn't even bother. Yet you have to check in
every time you come back across. Wonder if the guy likes
his job. He was very friendly, most police here are.

On the swamp between Stewart and Hyder:

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Location:Glacier Hwy,Stewart,Canada


  1. Hi Dan! You made it! Congratulations! Glad you are taking a few days off and will get spiritually renewed at Mass tomorrow. You must be very tired. What is you're route tomorrow? If you are traveling back on the Stewart-Cassiar highway-Hwy 37 make sure you gas up before you leave as there are no gas stations until you get to Watson Lake,Yukon. If you return on this route, make sure to stop at Liard Hot Springs for a soak! Watch out for the bears there. If you go the other route, a good place to soak is Miette hot springs east of Jasper. See you in a couple of days.--David and Nancy

  2. Headed to Prince George for Sunday night, then on to Edmonton Monday.
    Looking forward to seeing you!