Tuesday, July 12, 2011

North to Alaska...

Sitting in a fairly crappy KOA in Whitefish, MT

At least I got a Kabin! No air conditioning though, but
I suspect it's not needed here.

I am still having second thoughts about the weather tomorrow,
but one of the guys on the AdvRider forum shamed me by
uploading some of his pictures from a few weeks ago.

Ya, I'm a weenie. I miss my sweetie, my cat, my recliner,
my foam bed, my work...well, I DON'T miss work.

Maybe that's they key. Even if it rains all day, it's better than WORK!!!

Riding north of Missoula on Hwy 93:

Beautiful field of...something or other...

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Location:Falling Leaf Ct,Whitefish,United States

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  1. Dear Ken:

    I realize that there is nothing like roughing it in a KOA from time to time... But a nice air conditioned room in a Motel 6 ain't bad.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads


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