Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Off into the "boonies"

Heading down to breakfast and then on the road. I suspect I
won't have much for Internet access for a while. I probably
won't be heard from until I get to Prince George. I see a big
storm just north of me on radar, but it may have moved on
by the time I get on the road.

Good nights sleep, when the screaming kids next door finally
went to sleep! Man, some parents must be deaf!

My tummy calls!

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  1. Hi Dan! Welcome to Canada! Have any trouble crossing the border? Don't hit any moose or elk. Beautiful scenery awaits you! When you get to Banff the Hot Springs are a must experience event. Everybody in Banff knows where the hot springs are. Just ask. You can rent swim trunks at the site and admission is cheap. You need to relax after your grueling trip across the western states. Give yourself a break! How is the beamer holding up against crosswinds,rain,etc.? In Edmonton, we are having the 8th day of rain, but we are to see the sun again on Friday and all weekend yeah! We're wathing your trip on you blog every day.-David and Nancy


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