Thursday, July 14, 2011

Prince George

Alive and well in Prince George, staying at my friend Peter's house.

I saw a bear on the way! He was running across the road. I did't
even get a chance to slow down before he was off in the weeds.

Good day for travel, partly cloudy and cool, very little rain. It's
good to have a short riding day for a change.

At a rest stop on Hwy 16 between McBride and Prince George:

Time to just relax for the rest of the day. On to the most interesting
part of the trip tomorrow, Alaska!

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Location:Graves Rd,Prince George,Canada

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  1. Dear Dan:

    The best way not to see a bear in Pennsylvania is to pay for a hunting license, buy a rifle, and freeze your ass off. (Then the only ones you'll see are on television.) It sounds like you are riding the adventure of a lifetime.

    Fondest regaeds,
    Twisted Roads


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