Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weather? What weather?

Long day, but a good one. I left Whitefish, MT this
morning and am now sitting in a Motel in
McBride, BC. Wonder how many miles that was?

Stopped to see a few things too, my first bear!

Really, he's in there. This was along the IceFields Parkway
just north of Lake Louise. By the time I got the camera out,
he'd moved behind the bushes. Really...he's in there!

Here's somewhere along the IceFields. As is the case in the
U.S., their weather forecast is useless. I hit some moderate
rain north of Whitefish, but most of the day was partly cloudy
and warm.

I'd upload a bunch more pictures, but the Internet speed in
this Motel sucks! Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow a short ride to Prince George to visit a friend of
mine, and Friday on to Hyder. Met a trike rider at the gas
station here in McBride who just came from Hyder. Roads
are good.

Time for bed, after a little more blogging...

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Location:Main St,McBride,Canada

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