Thursday, July 21, 2011

White knuckled fog riding...

It was a wild crazy couple of days. I tried to cross the border
just south of "Dog River" (Rouleau, SK) but it was closed. So ran
a hundred miles west to the Regway crossing, then down into
Montana on Hwy 16. The Port guard asked, "Do you know where
you are?". I replied, well, not really. She was very helpful and even gave
me a map. So I decided to run another hundred miles south and get on
I-94. About halfway there I see a sign that the road will basically
turn to shit shortly and motorcycles are warned not to go that way.
Crap!! (or other words to that effect...) I rode all the way back
to Williston on back roads and now it's dark.

All the hotels in Williston looked very expensive so I thought
I'd just continue east and stay in a little ma-and-pa hotel in some
small town. There was not one single hotel between there and
Minot!!! (more colorful words were uttered...)

So there I am, at 1AM, and now it's turned to pea-soup fog, wandering
around Minot, ND, hoping not to suddenly find myself in water up to my ass.
Remember, Minot was basically evacuated in the previous weeks due
to severe flooding.

I could smell it, that moldy flood water smell, all around me. Thought I'd
found a hotel, Day's Inn!! But something didn't look quite right.
The parking lot was full of dirt, big piles of dirt. The place was
closed with heavy flood damage. I should have had a clue when
I saw that the street lights and traffic lights were all out in the area!

I somehow found highway 52 and ended up in Fargo at sunrise
after a hair-raising 6 hour fog ride, expecting some huge creature to
suddenly appear out of the fog on the road in front of me!

I slept for a few minutes on a bench at an automated gas station,
until the severe lightning storm urged me to get the hell out
of there!

I rode into Fargo at dawn and just kept going to Hokah. 1600 miles
in 32 hours. Didn't take any pictures of this part of the trip. It's hard
to hold the camera in a white-knuckled fist, riding a motorcycle
in the fog at 3am!!

Here's the bike after the trip. It performed flawlessly!!!

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