Monday, September 26, 2011

                                      Tracfone has bit the dust!!!!

Last week we got a voice mail from Tracfone that we need to call to have our
phones updated. I called their 800 number, and of course ended up talking to
someone in India, or Pakistan, or Manila. They basically spoke no English.
You'd tell them something and you'd get total silence for several minutes. What
the hell are they doing? Finally they said I'd have to call back in 24 hours to
complete the upgrade. Ok, so I call back the next day; same result. After many
periods of silence I was told to call back in ANOTHER 24 hours. I
did it again, called back the following day. This time there were even more long
periods of silence, and was told once again to call back in ANOTHER 24 hours.

I told her (him or it, not sure what I was talking to) to just forget it and I hung up.
Apparently, due probably to their total inability to speak or understand English,
they cancelled my account, and my wife's account. We tried to call someone
Sunday and were greeted with a recording, unable to make any calls.

My wife and I looked at each other and said to hell with them!!! We drove
down to the local Verizon store and now have two new phone and a good
English speaking Customer Service group to talk to!! I love it!!! I got a new
iPhone 4 and data plan.



  1. Dear Dan:

    I have no patience with poorly trained, idiotic call centers, maintained by companies out to save a buck in Pakistan, or India. I have had the occasional issue with Verizon... But you cannot beat their service, or the fact that the phone is answered here in the US.

    I like dealing with US companies, and US employees, preferably those who work in a Union.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  2. Yup, agree completely. At work I have to call these useless call centers all the time. Many times I just hang up and call again until I get someone who speaks passable English. I made damn sure Verizon still had U.S. call centers before I signed up!!