Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New book

Started reading a new book, The World is My Cloister, by
John Michael Talbot. He talks about a new form of
Monastic life, people who are affiliated with a monastery
but live outside in the secular world. They're called
"Oblates", "Seculars", or "Associates". I'm an Associate
to New Melleray Abbey near Dubuque Iowa. It means we
try to live the life of prayer and silence as much as possible
while living "out here" in the world.
Fits in well with motorcycle traveling, every bike trip for
me is an adventure in solitude.
44 degrees tomorrow..,.hmmmmm...may have to get the 
Beemer out of storage (again)...


  1. Rode to work today!! Froze my ass a bit, I think it was about 20 degrees F in the morning. But the ride home was great, 50 Degrees F!!!! Probably will tomorrow too; supposed to be 46 degrees again. I know the weather pendulum will swing the other way next week, but oh well, Winter has to come sometime. But only 3 months to Spring!!!

  2. Dear Dan:

    I try to keep the light of prayer in my heart... But if I had to keep silent, then I'd probably fart myself to death.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  3. Dang it! Reading your comment made me snort salsa out my nose. Pretty common reaction though. Happy New Year!!!


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