Thursday, April 19, 2012


Took "Serenity" to Mischler's BMW in Beaver Dam, WI for her 6000 mile service.
It was supposed to be nasty all day. I checked the radar at about 5:30AM and saw
a big hot steaming pile of ... stuff ... about 50 miles west and headed my way. So...
jumped on the bike and headed east. Missed all the bad weather. Had a great
all day ride.

Waiting room at Mischler's:

Young couple (late 50's) were there having their F800ST's serviced too. She was having a 
louder muffler put on. By the looks of their faces after they started it up, maybe they were
wondering about the wisdom of that...

And there I a shop full of new Beemers...and my checkbook in pocket....
K1300....K1600...R1200GS...R650GS...Oh my....

Get behind me satan....

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  1. Dan:

    Beemers are supposed to be quiet and sound like a sewing machine. I'm not sure I would want a louder muffler. I would want something quieter .

    bigger is not necessarily better. Your bike seems the perfect size so put your check book away (for now anyway), but it never hurts to look

    I also added you to my blogroll

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