Thursday, April 5, 2012


Looking like the retirement thing may actually happen. Kinda funny though.
As far as we can tell, there is no formal paperwork to be done. On my last
day of work, my soon-to-be-former boss simply logs into his "system" and
changes my status to "retired". That's it. Hmmm...seems a little peculiar...

Now to plan the "Detox" trip, the long bike trip where I cleanse my soul
of 40 something years of stress and craziness. I hope to see the world.
Well, at least parts of it that are within a few thousand miles of here.
I'd like to see Donner Pass, where a bunch of travelers had a really really
bad day. I'd like to see Vasquez Rocks, where many of my favorite shows
were filmed, like Kirk fighting the incredibly slow "Gorn" lizard guy.
(Why didn't he just say "adios" and walk away?) Planning on a short
break-in trip to see the birthplace of James T. Kirk (Riverside, Iowa).
His "grandfather" lives there today!!

I want to spend time in meditation and prayer, "rock-sitting" as I've done
on past bike trips:

                                               From a Colorado bike trip in 2004

Nothing like a week or more of silence and solitude on my two-wheeled monastery.
Just me and the creator of the universe, "Serenity", the wind, the highway. Even the
rain provides a welcome cleansing. Now, every time I'm out in the rain, it brings
me back to my experience last summer as I was in Hazelton, B.C.. I'd ridden for
several hours in the cold rain, headed for a small church on a Sunday morning. I pulled
in under a picnic table shelter and just sat, looking at the fog shrouded mountains,
listening to the rain, at total peace.

                                                                     Life is good.


  1. Dan:

    congratulations on nearing retirement. More time to travel and sit on rocks. I am hoping to do this one day soon

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Retirement...probably the one word to describe my mood is...TERRIFIED!!!

    But I've felt that way at least once on every bike trip I've ever taken. I'll get through it.

  3. Dear Dan:

    Your adventure is just starting, and my is the adventure of starting over. Still, I am making my plans for the summer, and the year beyond. I need to acquire another BMW... And a lower one. All Things in good time. Good luck in your retirement.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads


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