Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Trying to figure out where to go as far as a bike trip this summer. I'd like to ride out to the end of
the Key West Florida bridge. I just don't want to ride through the rest of Florida to get there.
The trip to Florida would be beautiful, the mountains, maybe stop by Gethemeni Abbey
in Kentucky and see the cabin where Thomas Merton lived (famous Trappist Monk).

I want to ride over Bear Tooth Pass in Wyoming. I want to go back to Alaska, maybe make it
to the Yukon and the Cassiar Highway this time ( I missed it last trip). I'd like to ride to the
Northeast, maybe Vermont and north to New Brunswick. I'd like to ride out to Donner Pass
in California, see the Golden Gate bridge (not sure I want to go through San Francisco to get
there), up the west coast to Oregon.

I want to spend time in the Monastery, actually two monasteries, New Melleray Abbey in
Iowa (Here ) and Blue Cloud Abbey in South Dakota ( Here ). At Blue Cloud they have
nice little cabins in the woods:

                           Great place for solitude and prayer. I've been there a couple of times.


                                               All of the above? I'll be retired after all....


  1. Dan:

    there goes that retirement word again. I keep thinking about that "R" word too, lots of time but how about the funds to match ? So many places and so little time . . .

    if you make it to Oregon in July, a few of us will be in the Hell's Canyon area. I also want to ride to the end of Key West, it's just the part in between getting to FL that concerns me

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  3. Yea, the big R. 51 days left according to the countdown clock on my desk at work. I just read a ride report of a guy who rode to Florida and paid only $35 for camping on the whole trip. Gotta figure out how he did that. On my Alaska trip I wimped out and stayed in hotels. Cost a bundle.

    I have family in Olympia Washington. I'll certainly look you up too if I get in the area.

  4. Being from that area of Kentucky, I spent many memorable times visiting the Abbey of Gethsemani 30+ years ago when it was a simple, quiet, rural monastary. It has unfortunately become very commercialized since then, so you might be disappointed. I know Thomas Merton would be...

    Riding through that central Kentucky region and the bluegrass farm areas near Lexington, however, would provide you with many happy hours of pleasurable touring as it has lots of history and natural beauty.

    BTW, I like your blog! Hope you come visit mine too!

  5. Sorry to hear that about Gethsemeni. I've heard rumors of that too. I spend lots of time at New Melleray Abbey in Iowa and they're still pretty simple.

    My son wants to go back to Kentucky and Tennessee. He and his wife rode through there a few years ago. Hopefully we can go together this year. We've made many bike trips together, great times for a father and son.


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