Thursday, June 14, 2012

Part of my beliefs

"God transcends all creatures. We must therefore continually purify our language of everything in it that is limited, image-bound or imperfect, if we are not to confuse our image of God — “the inexpressible, the incomprehensible, the invisible, the ungraspable” — with our human representations. Our human words always fall short of the mystery of God."

                                                                   - Catechism of the Catholic Church

Starting to get serious about our bike trip next month.
My son and I are headed for Northern Wyoming / Montana
to ride Beartooth Pass.

And of course......  TESTY-FESTY!!!

Hmmm.....on second thought....maybe not.....hmmmmm....


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  1. Dan:

    have a good trip. We are riding to Hell's Canyon mid July, 2 weeks before Testy Fest. It looks interesting. I've never been to an event which didn't require clothes . . .

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