Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Well, that time in my life has arrived. I'm actually retired!!!
How did I get this old? It's just old, nearly dead people who
are retired isn't it?
Nope. I'm not old or nearly dead. My body sometimes tries
to convince me otherwise, but so far I've been winning those
arguments. (except after mowing the lawn on a day like this.
Then I admit defeat)
So now what? Sit on my ass and slowly turn into a vegetable?
Watch Jeopardy and The Price Us Right? 50 cats?
Nah, not yet. I want go get more and more into the monastic
life, like my brothers who live full time at New Melleray Abbey.
The lifestyle means Prayer is my primary "job", and I'll sneak in
a little work as needed. We spend time chanting the Psalms
seven times a day, with a couple of work periods slipped in.
I do maintenance on our house and vehicles, tend the garden,
study/read, and that's about it. So far, it's plenty. Those other
"old guys" who say that retirees are busier than so-called working
people are right! There's no time for TV watching, a fairly mindless
activity anyway.
You'd think this sounds like a severely hard boring existence. Nope.
It's demanding, yet very fulfilling and filled with joy.
'Course, this is only my first week. Keep watching the news. If you
see a story about SWAT being called to get a guy dancing naked
on a roof in Southeast Minnesota, well, anyway...
Planning the bike trip for August. My son and I are planning to
ride to Beartooth Pass in Montana, leaving about August 5th.
We have reservations at Devils Tower, Wyoming (750 mile day)
and Red Lodge, Montana. From there it's a free-for-all, no set
plans. Been looking at Google Earth and the area looks like
it will be spectacular!!!

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