Thursday, July 19, 2012


Vespers (Evening Prayer) at the Hokah Monastery. I like to sit on the
screen porch for reading and prayer...
except last week when it was well over 100 degrees F out here!!!
Typical day, Morning Prayer, Mass at our local parish,
work in the garden, mow some of the lawn, Vespers...
Oh yea, transferred my entire life savings into the hands
of my financial advisor. Kind of exciting (terrifying !!!)
handing several hundred thousand dollars over to someone.
Hopefully I won't end up living in a cardboard box if the
market tanks.
Preparations moving right along for our Montana motorcycle trip
next month. First day we ride from Hokah to Devils Tower,
about 750 miles. Next day only about 350 miles to Red Lodge
Montana. After that, no plans. I told my son to bring his Passport,
"just in case"!!! We might head into Yellowstone Park and the Grand
Tetons. Or....maybe north. We'll see what trips our trigger when we
get up that morning I think. I bought a National Parks Pass too.
They'll let two guys in on one pass if we arrive on motorcycles
at the same time.
Now to find some hydration packs so we don't roast on our way
across the South Dakota desert!!!

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