Saturday, August 11, 2012


Made it home! Iron butt ride from Sturgis to home, arriving
about 2:30am. Looks like about 3000 miles total.
Friday morning we went to the BMW dealer in Sturgis to get
a headlight for me and have them look at my son's bike.
There was a slight leak and we wanted their opinion.
Looks like just a weeping main seal. Not too bad and will
get it replaced some day.
Then...we test rode BMWs!!! Jon ( my son ) tried out a new
R1200GS and I took out an R1200RT. They took us on a
40 minute run. Nice machines!!!
Then we hit the road. Went through the Badlands and then
rode all night. I actually enjoyed the night Iron-butt ride.
It was through the boring part of the country anyway, South
Dakota and Minnesota. Had a nice chat with the attendant at
a gas station in Albert Lea, MN. That's one of the fun parts
of a trip like is, meeting interesting people.
Pictures to follow and a wrap-up for this adventure...

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