Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jackson Hole

We rode from Red Lodge Montana to Jackson, Wyoming
yesterday. Went thought the biggest crowded nasty
place on earth, Yellowstone Park. Oh, there were some
beautiful scenes, but it was a gieser-fest. Spent much
time riding slowly behind motor homes, two wheeled
motor homes (Gold wings, Harley's, etc) all of which would
stop in the middle of the road to see any squirrel. That wasn't
too bad, except when there were a bunch of buffalo standing
right on the side of the road. The bozo tourists stopped and gawked.
So there we are, two guys on motorcycles, stopped dead
about 5 feet from several monster buffalo. The giant beasts
were getting "annoyed" at this. It's shall we say "interesting"
to be sitting on a bike, staring down the nostrils of a several
thousand pound annoyed monster. I could have taken a really
really good closeup picture, but thought I'd better make no
moves whatsoever!!!
Headed northeast today, probably Gillette, WY.

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