Saturday, October 27, 2012


Made it home on the Beemer Friday. Oy!!! The weather made
a dramatic change from Thursday to Friday! It hovered around
42 degrees F all day. It was 35 when I left the monastery.
No problem though, since I had my insulated riding clothes.
Stopped into the City Meat Market in New Albin, Iowa to
pick up some goodies to smuggle across the border.
They have the best Beef Jerky in the world! Picked up
a couple of pounds of it and a pound of "Hot" jerky.
And they really mean hot! This stuff will clear out your
sinuses and any other orifice you have. Good stuff.
Time get some oil and think about putting the bike away
for the winter. Brother Placid at the monastery said it
was 80 degrees last January. Maybe I should hold off
on the storage thing for a while...

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