Monday, November 12, 2012

Bad omen...

Not a good sign for the winter riding season!!! Our city fountain is frozen.


  1. Wow, makes for a pretty ice sculpture though.

  2. Dan:

    Not quite frozen yet. There is still some water spraying, so there's still hope. Also you can buy some Ice Radials with studs

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  3. Now it's in the 50's again and sunny all week. It can keep this up all winter!!! Thanks Trobairits, beautiful pictures on your blog too by the way...

    Yea, I saw the video of the guy on an S1000RR with studded tires. Myself, I like sitting in my recliner all bundled up in a "snuggie" and watching OTHER people freeze their butts off outside! This'll be my first "retired winter"; looking forward to that...