Friday, November 23, 2012

Resistance is Futile

Finally secumed to the dark side, again. Ordered a new
iPad Mini. I've had one stuffed in my saddle bag on every
bike trip so far. Pretty handy little machine.
Now I need to sell my iPad 2. Anybody interested?
It's the black 16 Gig WiFi and Verizon 3G version.
Perfect condition. I've always kept it in a TPU cover
and zippered case. Includes a couple of zippered cases.
Great for looking up campsites, finding yourself with
GPS, Skyping home, planning miss-the-thunderstorm
routes. I'm asking $350. I'll just put it up on EBay if
no one is interested.
I stayed home, safe and sound today. With a name like
Black Friday, hiding in the basement sounded like a good
plan. Saw video on YouTube of people trampling each
other at Walmart. As much as I love


  1. Having worked 10 years in retail, the closest I came to a store was driving past them to got o the bank to make a deposit Friday afternoon. & other that stopping in at the Adoration Chapel in DBQ, I stayed at home as well.

  2. The iPad is sold! That was quick! Now to deal with the withdrawal symptoms until the new one comes in a couple of weeks. Maybe if I just stay drunk until then...

    Better yet, spend the next 2 weeks in the monastery...

  3. The mini is pretty sweet, i'm enjoying mine. Rode from OKC to Little Rock to pick mine up at the Apple Store, some would say I'm crazy but a 700 mile day for a new gadget was as good a way to pass the time as any. Found your blog thru Jack's, just finished his book, it's hilarious.

  4. Yup, I really like mine. It's the perfect size and weight, should be great on a bike trip.
    Also just finished Jack's book and loved it. I'd like to meet "Laura"...


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