Friday, November 16, 2012

The 60's

An article of insight into the 60's. I think he has some good points.
The part that rang most true for me is:
"Their basic effect was to replace personal and family obligations by social welfare rights, and inherited community understandings by therapy and political correctness. Instead of family life based on sexual restraint and differing functional roles for men and women, we would have sexual freedom, contraception, daycare, and careers for all. The changes were marketed through appeals to freedom, but they carried forward and radicalized the replacement of local and traditional ways by bureaucratic and market arrangements. Those arrangements are not particularly free. To call them “liberation” is to say that man is essentially an employee and consumer who pursues various diversions in his time off, so that a rationally managed system of production, consumption, and private indulgence is what he needs to give him what he wants and maximize his freedom."

We are not our careers, our possessions. Life should not be just
"Living for the weekend". Life is so much more. WE are so much
more than our culture says...


The oil is changed, Stabil is in the tank, but I still haven't put "Serenity"
away for the winter. Maybe I won't. Now they're predicting temps in
the mid-50's in the next few days. Maybe I should take my sister's
suggestion and visit her in Southern Texas!!! A local BMW rider
has already harassed me for even thinking of not riding all winter.
( One of those R1200GS kinda guys ) Time for a road trip...


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  1. Good article from Crisis Magazine. Hits it right on the head.