Thursday, December 6, 2012

Motorcycle Monastery

I was having lunch with my pastor the other day, talking
about the spiritual life ( naturally). I mentioned to him
my belief that traveling on a motorcycle is like a visit
to a monastery. You spend hours in solitude, just your
thoughts and the road. The stresses of life fade away
after awhile, leaving you with an easy, comfortable
emptiness that stays with you.

The great Saints have all said that the heights of prayer are when
all words stop and you're left with nothing but this warm blanket
of peace and total calm. There is a monastery in Colorado with
the name of "Nada", which means "Nothing". It refers to this
emptied feeling of joy after a time of meditation.
To me, nothing on earth equals that experience.
Total union with God.
There are all kinds of techniques and practices to help us
get there, breathing exercises, meditating on Scripture,
The Rosary. But my favorite is still, 10 hours in the saddle.
Even rain is welcome. A few hours on the road in a gentle
rain in a desolate land will cleanse the soul...


  1. Dan:

    I agree with you about your mind "going blank". It is hard to think about anything else except controlling your motorcycle "at that moment". I've tried and I can't solve any problems. I guess I can't multitask.

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  2. A Philosopher once told me...God is in the quiet spaces.

  3. This reminds me of "be still and know that He is God". Agreed being on the motorcycle connects you even more closer!

  4. Oh yes, I have a plaque that says that above my computer!