Sunday, January 20, 2013

Looks like fun!!!

GS off roading...
Being a little short guy, I'm thinking an F650GS might
be a good one for me:


  1. Seeing these videos always makes me want to do a little off-roading. Sadly my Gladius isn't the best machine for it.

    I have heard mixed things about the f650gs. Some people love them and others don't like them. I've no first hand experience with them though.

  2. Dear Dan:

    I know more than a few folks who ride the F650GS, and they have no complaints. Certainly none that they are sharing with me. However, I thought the F650Gs and the F800 were about the same size, the primary difference being a detuned engine on the F650? Do you have a yen to ride off-road?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack Riepe
    Twisted Roads

  3. come to think of it, is height a major factor to consider when purchasing a motorcycle?

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  5. The F650GS is a bit lower in seat height; important for me, being a short guy ( 5'8"). I like getting my feet flat on the ground, especially if I'm wrestling with it on a trail.

    I'm starting to get the desire to be able to do at least some light off-road riding. On our trip though Montana last summer, we ended up on a very loose gravel road. The F800ST just couldn't deal with that. It wouldn't have been a problem on a GS.


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