Thursday, February 28, 2013


A fascinating article on the concept of sin. Our culture has decided
for us that any kind of guilt is bad and must be ignored; that the
very concept of sin is just old outmoded thinking. This article
is very insightful in showing the fallacy of this. This is not the usual
empty tripe we read in most magazines and newspapers. It
requires the ability to think more deeply about life than our culture
normally allows. Worth the read...
It's Spring!!! Well, tomorrow is March. That's close enough isn't it?
Thinking about uncovering the Beemer! The roads are fairly clear.
A friend of mine never did winterize his R1200GS. It would have
exploded if he'd tried I think. My F800ST is more of a good road
street bike however. It would be angry with me if I allowed road
salt to violate it!!! Still, it's parole is almost here.
I've pretty much decided to sell my Nissan Frontier and F800ST
and get either an F650GS, F700GS, or maybe a lowered F800GS.
The off road world is calling me. I may seriously look at the Suzuki
V-Strom 650 Adventure too. The advantage of the V-Strom is a local
dealer and price, both purchase price and repair cost. Guess we'll
see if BMW has successfully addicted me...


  1. Having to choose a new bike is such a tough decision, lol.

    We have a friend who bought one of the new V-stroms and is really enjoying it. He sold his KLR 650 for it. His other bike is a Harley Road King so the V-Strom really gives him options.

    The BMWs are really popular around here. I have heard good things about the new Husky dual sports - the Terra and Strata, they are based on the BMW 650 but the engine is supposed to have been tweaked a bit to make it better.

    Have fun in your contemplating the new bike.

  2. It's Lent, consider your not using the bike your penance.

  3. Dear Dan:

    I am just coming out of a literary slow spell in which off-line projects, namely the sequel to the moto book, has kept me in agony. However, I am slowly regaining consciousness, though not the use of my knees. Guilt is God's way of saying "Don't do that again."

    The F650GS is BMW's way of saying, "Do whatever you want."

    Enjoy spring.

    Fondest regards,

  4. Ah..good, a sequel!!!

    My evil son, salesman at a local bike shop called and did his usual "Dad! Someone just traded in a Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS Adventure with only 600 miles on it!"

    Oh a we go...