Monday, April 29, 2013

Manual Labor

Busy day! Household chores for the morning work period,
vacuuming, cleaning, lube the garage door...

Tilled the garden in the afternoon work period, using my
monster tiller! Four tines, almost 8 inches wide. Well. it's
a small garden, about 10 feet square. May wait a week
to plant though, Temps are supposed to be below freezing
again Wednesday. Maybe it'll turn summer if I go buy the
biggest snowmobile I can find?

Headed for the dealer to get the 600 mile break-in service
done on the V-Strom tomorrow. I like that bike more
every time I ride it!

Time for Vespers...
Happy Monk, outstanding in his field!
Monster Tiller


  1. Dan:

    be careful with that tiller, and don't let it slip . . . remember, riding season is just starting

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Re the tiller: Is that the Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor version?

  3. Nice job on the tilling. Our garden still looks like it did last fall. Been too busy with other yard projects so far this year, sigh.

    What is the saying - "when you can sit on the ground with your trousers down" then it is time to do your planting. That is how you know the ground is warm enough.

  4. "Sit on the ground with your trousers down", well, ok, but I don't think the neighbors are going to like this...


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