Monday, April 22, 2013

Prayer and Meditation

A great article on the life of prayer:
Life seems so meaninglessly busy and empty without
this connection to the infinite, with God. In the sort of
informal monastic life that I try to lead, this practice of
"breaking away" several times a day is very important.
I generally use an ancient form of daily prayer called
the "Liturgy of the Hours", where I chant several Psalms
and have a short scripture reading several times a day.
The chanting seems to clear my mind of all the silly worries
that infest it.

Here's how we do it at the Monastery:

A full day in the saddle on a long motorcycle trip has the
same effect. After being on the road all day with nothing
but the wind and the engine to keep me company, the
cares just seem to have faded away.
As the great philosopher Alfred E. Neuman says:

"What? Me worry?"
Somewhere in western Montana

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