Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring? Where art thou?

Here's a composite picture from one of the local
TV stations ( WXOW-TV ). Quite a difference from
last year.
Time for bed. Going to Mass in the morning with the wife.
We only have it one day a week here, on Thursday. Well,
other than Sunday. Nothing like communing with God.
( Hence the word "Communion" )
Our lives seem to be settling down again, after all the
complications of the funeral for my mother-in-law this
last month. My wife was also saddled with the job of
executor, so she/we had to deal with all the arrangements
and inheritances. Seems like we were running constantly
here and there.
Now back to our regularly scheduled program, monastic
life, and riding. Life is good...


  1. Funny how the weather is so different from one year to the next. We've had some sunshine lately and I was looking in iPhoto at pictures from last April and we'd had a freak snowstorm with 6 inches of snow.

    Maybe I need to put up a last year/this year post.

    Hope all settles down for you. We lost Brad's mom on December 1st and it is never easy.

  2. Dan:

    I'm staring at those two photos and I don't notice anything missing.

    The trees are still there, the lamp post is still there, the bench is still there. The sky is still blue . . .

    I think they used a flash on the top one to bring out the colours more

    Riding the Wet Coast