Monday, May 6, 2013

Off-road...sort of...

Took the Wee-Strom out in the boonies today, along
some gravel/dirt roads and light trails. Think I made a
good choice! It performed well, even on some deep
freshly laid gravel.
I visited a Buddhist temple in Northeast Iowa, just
north of Lansing Iowa. I'm not converting, but as
a Catholic contemplative I see many similarities
between my beliefs and practices and theirs.
Beautiful day! Now if the trees would get with
the program and make some leaves.

Trail leading up to the temple
The temple, and Wee!!!
And my pretty face
Steep gravel road from the right


  1. Such a quaint little temple. Something I wouldn't have expected to see in Iowa. I don't know why I wouldn't expect it, people from all religions live everywhere in the world.

    I am glad you had a sunny day for a ride. Hope your trees see some green soon.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I find the V-Strom handles excellently on gravel. You have to slow down a bit but I find it feels much more stable than my GZ250 that I would ride down gravel roads whenever I didn't have a choice.

    Is the temple just open all the time? Is there a caretaker that opens and closes it every day? It seems like a wonderful place just to sit and relax.

  3. Here's a link with some information:

    This seems to be the "Retreat Land" they talk about at the bottom
    of the web page. There was no one there as far as I could tell, but
    I didn't explore any further down the path. Didn't want to intrude.