Thursday, May 23, 2013

Open the pod bay doors Hal...

Happy Birthday to me! First Gear Kilimanjaro jacket!
Here's the hype:
The Flagship jacket in the Firstgear line, often imitated and never duplicated, it's the jacket that others aspire to be. If you could only have one jacket - this is it. With its exceptional fit and attention to detail the Kilimanjaro is comfortable in any weather, any season, anywhere, anytime. Battle-tested to the ends of the earth - and now in its third decade - it keeps you warm when it's cold, cool when it's hot and dry when it's wet. It's the multi-tool of motorcycle outerwear. Kilimanjaro, gear you can depend on.

• Hypertex™ waterproof and breathable 400-denier nylon for
weather and abrasion resistance
• DayGlo features polyester exterior UV resistant colorfastness
• Elbows and shoulders reinforced with 640-denier nylon for added
durability in these high wear areas
• Fully adjustable d3O® T5, CE-approved armor at elbows and shoulders
• Zipper controlled venting at shoulders, underarms with back exhaust vents
• Under-helmet, rain hood stows away in collar
• Extensive pocketing throughout
• Compression strap adjustment at biceps and forearms for
customized fit

This has that hi-tech armor as seen on TV. It's soft and flexible
normally, but turns hard as steel when impacted. Very light and
comfortable with pockets all over the place and lots of Velcro straps
to adjust it everywhere.


  1. Dan:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to dear DANNNNNN
    Happy Birthday to you

    Now you've got to go for a long ride to test that Jacket out

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Good choice! I've had mine for over six years now and it is still waterproof, I've used it while riding from -20F to +90F. No complaints from me...

  3. Good to hear. My son says the same thing about his.

  4. Happy Birthday or belated birthday as the case may be.

    I am guessing you will be super pleased with the jacket. Firstgear makes a good product. I think SonjaM has that model just a year or two older. I believe the only complaint was weight. Heavy is durable though.

  5. I'm happy with it so far. It's about as heavy as my previous jacket, some off brand, but has more adjustment straps and pockets. I have black First Gear riding pants and they served me well on my Alaska trip.


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