Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Milepost

Just ordered the 2013 edition of The Milepost. I used
it in 2011 for planning my bike trip though western B.C..

Great guide to Western Canada and Alaska! If you plan
on going there, this is essential. Available from their
website: The Milepost ($29.95)

I was cheap and ordered mine from ($18.62)

I think the edition ordered from their website gives you the
digital edition too, for an iPad or PC.

So, am I hinting at a possible activity for me this summer?



  1. Now that looks like a fun adventure.

  2. Dan:

    it starts with just a thought, and then a Milepost shows up. Next thing you know your bike is packed . . . (wonder what happens next?)

    I followed your last trip. I think that sooner than later you have to find some rocks to meditate on. Not regular rocks, but those colder Alaskan rocks

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. The iPad version is junk. I bought it last year for my trip south and it wouldn't start unless you had an Internet connection, in the middle of nowhere...

  4. Well that's not too useful then. In 2011 for my Hyder trip I just photocopied the pages I wanted. Glad I didn't try to rely on the digital version.


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