Thursday, July 11, 2013


Morning Prayer on the screen-porch.
Psalm 133
Temperatures in the high 50's and low humidity this morning.
Took a nice early morning ride after Morning Prayer. Glorious!!!
Had the helmet visor cracked open and taking lots of deep
cool refreshing breaths. Nice crisp country air.
Couple of horses grazing in the field
I'm seriously looking at getting a decent professional grade camera.
I see Panasonic has a nice DSLR out now, the GH3. Also Cannon
and Nikon have theirs. Doing some research on them. It would be
nice to do better than the iPhone 5 that these pictures were taken with.
I have a Nikon S4000 point-and-shoot but a DSLR would be so
much better. I used to have an Olympus SLR ( Film ) years ago and really
enjoyed what I could do with that.


  1. Still great pictures even from an iPhone.

    It looks like a beautiful morning for a peaceful ride.

  2. Even though they cost more, I would seriously consider a full frame sensor. I have a crop frame DSLR (Nikon) and the low light performance is seriously lacking but better than my iPhone. You can crank up the ISO but you get digital noise. Larger sensor = more photons per pixel...

  3. I'll have to agree with Trobairitz did better than I can with my IPhone. Richard?? I don't know what he's talking about :)

    We're almost neighbors Dan, will ride right past you Again in a little over a week on our way to Lake Joy for the WI Guzzi Rally.

    Do I see the Eitzen road there in #3?

  4. That was on Highway 7 just east of Hokah. Eitzen road is beautiful too.
    I'd be happy to ride out and say hi on your way through the area. Just
    let m know and we'll exchange cell numbers.


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