Sunday, July 7, 2013

Death Valley, Iowa

Sitting in a KOA "Kabin" in North Sioux City, South Dakota. It's HOT!!!
It was hot and windy all day Friday and Saturday. The V-Strom performed
flawlessly. Turns out to be very comfortable on a long trip. The new
First Gear "Kilimanjaro" jacket also worked well. I opened up the 4 vents
and was quite comfortable even in 96 degree heat.
Also, discovered that on a smaller engined bike, a strong headwind
really affects the gas mileage. I usually average about 60 MPG.
Friday I had a 30 MPH headwind much of the time and that dropped
the gas mileage to about 42 MPG. No problems with handling though,
even with big semi-trucks buffeting me.
All packed up and ready to fly. Time for Terce ( Mid-Morning prayer ),
then head out of Death Valley Iowa.

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