Thursday, July 4, 2013

Great literature

Great article on the sorry state of education, especially
in literature. Most people come out of school knowing
nothing but how to get a job. Education should be so
much more. Without education in "letters", we have a
very limited idea of what life is all about.
I'm trying to correct that now in my life. I'm reading
Melville's Moby Dick right now, and I have several
more classics on my Kindle like Milton and Dante.
They're challenging for us who are used to reading
the drivel in newspapers and popular novels.
Here's the link. Deep concepts, but worth the effort.
First bike trip of the season coming up tomorrow
on the new V-Strom. Headed for eastern South Dakota.
Should be nice and hot. 85 degrees. I have a KOA
"Kabin" reserved in North Sioux City, SD. Air Conditioned!!!
Think I may stay off the interstate and just ride the back roads
across southern Minnesota.


  1. I am inclined to agree that we don't read enough. I have several of the old greats on my kindle but haven't gotten to them yet.

    I enjoyed my English Literature class in high school (long time ago). So much good stuff.

    Have a great trip. I think you'll have more fun on the back roads.

  2. I agree with your comments about literature! I try to read as much of it as I can but it is a struggle due to the language. Some of the newer translations of foreign literature helps, though (such as the new translations of Dostoevsky, for example).

    As someone interested in the contemplative life and lay monasticism, I enjoy reading your blog.

    Enjoy your stay in the Sioux City area! I just drove past that KOA campground on the way back home from Yellowstone.

    Pastor Jay Denne
    St. Luke Lutheran Church, Sioux City, IA

  3. I was born and raised in Riverside so this is very familiar!

  4. I didn't know that - welcome home!

  5. Very interesting and well written article. Having gone to university and studied literature, I can tell you that I loved reading some of the greatest works of art ever expressed in the English language.

    Nonetheless, after I graduated I could not find a well-paying job...our society does not actively value literature. We pay lip service to it, because we think we have to, but many people do not recognize the benefit of being well read.

    Thank you for sharing the article.


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