Sunday, July 28, 2013

Playing with the new toy!

Been reading all I can about my Nikon and photography in general.
Went out for a walk in the neighborhood and tried a few shots.
Turned out ok I think. 

Now I'm looking at better lenses, probably a 35mm F1.8 Prime next.

                                This is now my desktop computer background


                           I dunno...just seemed like something to shoot...

     It's called Contemplative RIDER, 
                     so thought I'd better put my RIDE in here...


  1. I got used to having the VR (vibration reduction) in the 18-55mm and it's not there on either the 35mm f1.8 AF-S nor the 50mm f1.8. I think I got spoiled as the VR gives me a couple of stops…

    But then again, hand-held slow shutter speed is just one of many things I need to work on. Very nice photos, are you shooting RAW or jpeg? Any post processing software?

  2. Yea, VR would be nice. I'm thinking I just like the best detail on some shots and a better lens would be good to have. I've read a few reviews and most recommend the 35mm. For slow shutter shots I'll probably use a tripod anyway.

    I decided to shoot in RAW and process them on the PC, or in the camera if I'm out in the boonies. I like the idea of being able to edit the pics without loosing detail like I would in JPEG. The supplied Nikon software (View NX2)does a fairly good job but I may go for Lightroom or something like it later on. I have Gimp also, but it appears that it can't edit RAW files. Picasa works pretty well too, and it does handle RAW files.

    I was into SLRs about 30 years ago but have a lot to learn and re-learn. There were no digital cameras back then.

  3. Very nice. All great shots. The grass is so bright and vivid in those pictures.

  4. I'm very happy with this camera. It also helps to pick the right time of day. I'm looking at classes to take at the local community college.

  5. You said, "I was into SLRs about 30 years ago but have a lot to learn and re-learn. There were no digital cameras back then."

    Me too. Every shot had to be composed, F-stopped, shutter tweaked, lens considered.....I've forgotten what I knew. There are many more adjustments that could be made to my photos than I've been making.

    An evening class or two sounds like fun.


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