Monday, August 12, 2013


Got up at 2am to try to get some pictures of meteors from the
Perseids meteor shower. Unfortunately it was overcast. I was
sitting along the Mississippi River in the dark, waiting, and 
started hearing splashing sounds in the water just below me.
Then, something stomping through the woods above me.
The hair stood up on the back of my neck and I said,

"Time to go!!!"

Snapped a few shots later at sunrise. I was hoping the sun would 
break through the fog but it never did.

After the horses, I kept riding for a while. I love these peaceful,
prayerful, slightly foggy mornings on the bike!


  1. Love the atmosphere in those early morning pictures. Isn't that the best time to ride?

  2. That makes at least three of us. I left for work in dark fog early today and that wasn't ideal riding.

  3. I wonder what it was crashing through the underbrush.....

    Beautiful pictures. So serene, just you and the horses.

    I love that time of morning and enjoy getting up early, just have a hard time putting down my coffee mug and getting out of the house.


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