Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Lady of Spring Bank Abbey

Took a ride out to an old monastery near Sparta Wisconsin yesterday. This was always a very small place, only 3 monks were there recently. Monks make their own living and this particular monastery did that by operating an office supply website, "LaserMonks". Things were going well, business was booming.
Unfortunately, after the economic crash after 2008, and the rise
of places like, their business went into the dumpster
and the monastery had to close. The monks transferred to other
monasteries around the world and the former buildings are up for sale.
If only I had a couple of million to spare...
V-Strom on site!
Weeds taking over:
Lonely looking hallway or "cloister" (peeked in the window)
Getting a little "artsy" in my photography hobby:
From a distance on a long gravel road:
Update 2/28/2016
Looks like the property has been sold to
Family Promise of Monroe County:


  1. So sad that the monastery had to close. I liked the name LaserMonks too. Very creative on their part.

    At least the building will stand the test of time. I bet it was peaceful out there.

  2. Sad story but unfortunately nothing unheard of. It must be nice and quiet out there. I wonder if somebody will buy it...

  3. Dan:

    looks like a place with lots of space, peace and quiet. If only we had the funds to move in. Still looks well kept even though abandoned . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. Dan,
    I was in the Sparta area over the weekend and spend a fair amount of time there; knew nothing about this. Always sad when things diminish rather than grow.

  5. Economics is a bitch sometimes. The monastery I'm associated with used to farm for a living, but recent years have made it nearly impossible to survive on that, so they started making caskets for a living ( ). It was a good decision as that business has taken off. They've had to build a new casket factory to keep up with the demand. When I live there for a few weeks a year, sometimes I work in the casket business, though usually in the garden.

  6. This is so sad, that they could not devise a way to remain on the land. It is a crazy world we live in, isn't it?

    I lived in an Amish community for 7 years and they could no longer farm to survive either. They had a few vegetable stands, but furniture making and operating a general wholesale store became their way to survive. And the majority of their sales were on the Internet!

    What a beautiful location-would be a great place to operate a co-op retreat and reflection center or B&B.

  7. i was an aspirant to this monastery a while back, but for some reason (surely not my own) it was never to be. i thought i would be there till my death. i almost cry when i see the pics. thanks for the pics

  8. I rode out there last week and it's been cleaned up a bit, probably by the Realtor, but still not sold to anyone. Wish I had a few million to spare!!!

  9. Would you happen to know if it is sold yet, and who the realtor is?

  10. Haven't been able to find any info on whether the property has sold yet. Maybe I'll take a ride out there and see, if the weird February weather holds! It was 68° yesterday.

  11. I drove out there today. Looks like it's been sold to "Family Promise of Monroe County".

    There were no signs or activity that I could see but the mailbox had that name on it.


  12. any idea where Father Bernard might be???

    1. I found this on a website:

      "McCoy, who was touted as the LaserMonks' marketing genius, is now in Ireland, overseeing a community of nuns, according to a family member. Both she and the monks' lawyer said they did not know how to reach him."

      Here's the website:


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