Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Slimy Crud Run 2013

Rode down to Leland, WI Sunday for the Slimy Crud Run.
Beautiful day and great ride down there. A bit chilly in the morning
but I had my warm riding clothes on and electric hand warmers
on the V-Strom, so no problem.

We rode with a group that seemed to think it was the Isle of Man.
80 MPH all the way. I'd have stopped several places and admired
the scenery.

I have a lot more pictures on Flickr, Click here.

                                         Sheet metal bike

                                    My son Jon!

                            The Contemplative Rider!

            My son's Kawasaki ZRX-1200 and my V-Strom 650 ABS Adventure

We took a ride over to Devil's Lake and did some hiking on the way home. I got my
exercise that day!!!

                       The "stairway" to the top!


        Contemplative Rider, recovering from the climb!

No, not me. I suspect their Body-Mass-Index is somewhat different than mine...


  1. "We rode with a group that seemed to think it was the Isle of Man"

    That's why I tend to avoid group rides. You feel obligated to keep up and not slow down the group.

    That looks like a beautiful area and your photos do it justice.

  2. Great set of pictures.

    The one downfall with riding in a group is the general speed of things. I don't ride in a group near as much as I used to as I got tired of playing catch up. Instead of a group ride to the coast, it was more of an everyone meet a the coast for lunch.

  3. Dan:

    that staircase looked like a random rock pile.

    I tend to avoid large groups now whereas before I rode exclusively in Groups. There should have been a driver's meeting to split the group into slow and fast. Usually I like to just tag along at the end. 80 mph is too fast for me, as I like to go scenic pace. I like to stop for photos too. It is never the same light when you come back later]

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. Dan, I'm sorry I didn't (continue) over and say hi. At Leland you were standing by the Strom; I expected a GS and thought that the Dan I recognized must have been someone else. You were parked only a few feet from Mike and I.