Friday, November 22, 2013

Had to happen eventually...

Has to put her away for the winter today. 

Clean and lubed the chain, stabilized the
gas tank, and moved her back to the

They expect temp to be down to 4 degrees tomorrow night and we have snow and ice on the streets. 

Later I'll hook the battery tender up and put the cover on. Don't want to do it all at once. Too much of a shock...


  1. Dan:

    You're making us sad, which reminds me to put some wood under my front wheel to keep them off cement

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. I feel for you! I put mine away last week!

  3. Looks so sad abandoned in the corner. I haven't parked mine yet though it's gotten close a couple of times.

  4. At least she will be well tended over the winter.

    Your temperatures are forecast to be quite cold, brrr. Hopefully above freezing during the day. Still not conducive to riding though.


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