Monday, January 13, 2014

Oisin Video!

In 2010 Oisin Hughes, a guy I met from Ireland, rode his BMW R1150GS
around the world. He was blogging it on ADV Rider and all of us at
work were following him live. It was the first thing we'd do everyday when
getting to work; see if there were any updates from Oisin!
( kinda pronounced uh-shin' )

Oh, and, he did this alone. No support crew. Just him and the bike.

He wrote a book about it too, "Not Dead Yet", available on Amazon.
Buy it! Really, buy it!!!

Now, he's making a professional video of the adventure! Yahoo!!!!
Here's the first episode, or preview I guess. Can't wait for the rest.

As we saw that he was about to ride near here, I took the day off
work and rode up to Minneapolis to visit with him. I was riding
a 2003 R1150GS at the time.


Here are a couple of pictures of my visit with him in Minneapolis:

(Thats my 1150, his was in the shop getting transmission work)


  1. Thank you for posting a link to the video. It sounds like a great story and gave me some food for thought...

  2. The book is also well worth the read, as well as his first book "That I May Die Roaming".
    I got'em both on Amazon.