Thursday, January 2, 2014

THIS is getting old....

Forecast for next week:

Maybe I should just buy a used NASA space suit......


Well, this just keeps getting better and better: Sunday's forecast...


  1. Dan:

    We can only feel sorry for you back there. It will just make Summer more special when it finally arrives. In the meantime you can look at maps and dream . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. I suppose I can have fun tossing glasses of hot water out in the yard and watch them hit the ground as a chunk of ice. I need a winter house in the Southern Hemisphere...

  3. Yikes. Those temperatures are not pleasant at all. Hope the cold spell breaks soon.

    I'm with you on the winter house in the Southern Hemisphere. There are bloggers down there that would host us, if only we could get there, lol.

  4. Somebody needs to finish the road across Panama!

  5. Maybe just for spite I should get the bike out at -27 degrees, shake my fist in the air and shout, " Is that all you got"?? Wonder if the digital thermometer on the V-Strom goes down that far?

  6. On the plus side, traction is a lot better at those temperatures...


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