Saturday, November 8, 2014

All good things...

Well, guess it's that time. I changed the oil,
cleaned the chain, put Stabil in the tank, and
connected the Battery Tender. High temperatures
next week will be in the 20's. Took it out for one
last ride. All good things come to an end...
Nasty few weeks. The wife developed Cellulitis and
has been in the hospital for 3 weeks. Almost lost
her. The nurses just happened to be in her room
changing a drug bag when they noticed that she
was slumped over. Checked and found no pulse
so they did CPR. She came right back but they moved
her to ICU for a couple of days to monitor more closely.
Doing better now though. They filled her with all kinds of
antibiotics and now she's been moved to a rehab center
for recovery. Hope she can come home soon. I usually
like to have lots of time for silence and solitude in living
a monastic life, but being a hermit for several weeks turns
out to NOT be something I like!!!


  1. Oh my! So glad she is prayers and thoughts your way...

  2. Oh no. I sure hope your wife is doing better. Sending happy thoughts your way that it won't be long before she comes home.

    Such a great picture of you and the bike. At least you have a nice garage so you can go out and give it another hug every now and then this winter.

  3. Very sorry to hear this news. Your family will be in our prayers.