Thursday, February 25, 2016

She's home!!!

My V-Strom was in for a recall. They had a few that had exessive wear
in the valves so recalled them to check. Mine was just fine. I also
had them check the wiring harness. There were a few reports of
routing problems where it would start to wear through where it passed
over the frame. All is well there too.
So, all set for the season!!! Probably take her out in the next couple of days.
Also, my renewed passport arrived. Yes!!!


  1. Glad the Strom made it home safe and sound.

    I was just thinking of your last post yesterday when my letter from Suzuki arrived. I thought I'd be safe from this recall since it participated in the 2011 but no. There is a new recall on the rectifier/regulator even for those who already got them replaced once.

  2. It sounds like it's time to get out for a long ride. Is the photo of your (assumption) passport suggesting something international?

  3. Probably just Canada. Thinking of the Northeast part of the US and Canada. I've never been to that area. But also may go to western BC and north and or south from there.