Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lake Park, Iowa trip

Took a little bike trip to the Okoboji, Iowa area (Lake Park, IA).
Stayed on the back roads, exploring small towns in Northern
Iowa and Southern Minnesota.

A priest friend of mine owns this house on the lake. I really envy him!
The most beautiful location ever.

We were in the same High School and College class. I was in the
Seminary at the time. He ended up becoming a priest. I got married.



Early morning fishermen on the lake

Out in the middle of...somewhere....

Just wandering around...no place I have to be....

Using my Sony RX100M4 camera. Great for travel and just as good as my Nikon DSLR.

County airport somewhere in northern Iowa

I used to work for CenturyLink phone company. We owned this little place in Chester, Iowa

Wow! Can't miss this building. Could see it standing out from the background miles away.

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  1. Such beautiful views at the lake. I liked the picture of you peeking around the front of the bike too.


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