Friday, May 12, 2017


Doing some thorough chain maintenance today. Pulled the front sprocket cover and cleaned out all the gunk. Cleaned the chain and sprockets with kerosene, per the manufacturer's recommendation. Took a few good closeups to see how the chain and sprockets are holding up after 20,000 miles. Looks pretty good.  I don't think they need replacing. I've used DuPont Teflon "Chain Saver" since I bought the bike 4 years ago. Seems to do the job. I like it because it goes on as a clear watery liquid and dries to a whiteish film. Lubricates well and since it's dry, it doesn't collect dirt and doesn't fling off, getting on the bike, or me     Ordered a new rear tire too today, Bridgestone 150/70, the OEM tire. Costs more, but I don't skimp on tires.       


  1. Sprockets look good, no shark fins at all.

    Doesn't seem like you've had the bike 4 years already. Time flies.

  2. I was wondering how the DuPont chain lube would do in the long run. Seems to be pretty good stuff. After 20,000 miles the chain and sprockets show very little wear. I use it on my Genie garage door screw drive too.

  3. I used to DuPont multi-use Teflon spray with similar success to you but it was withdrawn from the market without a clear explanation. No other DuPont products are available in NZ now. However, I've found that Tirox chain wax is an admirable substitute.

  4. Yes, that's what I used too. It was succeeded by the "Chain Saver" which appears to be the same stuff. Some people complained that the Chain Saver was inferior, but after looking at the ingredients and personal experience, it seems to be equal to the "Multi-Use Teflon" stuff. I buy it by the case on Amazon.


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