Saturday, October 7, 2017


Well, I went and done it.    Sold my V-Strom.    I need to pay off my photography addiction so decided to sell the bike, at least for this year. Ah well, she was a great bike, and probably not my last.    I like bring totally out of debt....what a great feeling!     We'll see what happens in the Spring.    


  1. Camera … motorcycle … camera … motorcycle.

    I guess camera won. Lots of nice, low mileage bikes on the market. People get them and then let them sit in the garage...

  2. I understand. Being out of debt is a wonderful thing (only thing left for us is the mortgage).

    Wonder what next year will bring or if you will decide on another two wheeled machine. You can always post up your photographs, I enjoy seeing them.

  3. My son has a Kawasaki Versys 300 and I've ridden it. Feels about the same as the V-Strom! Really nice. Maybe the Spring will tempt me onto one of those.


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